Clearing up a few misconceptions

I keep seeing more nonsense being written about HORNDOG on the internet so I wanted to stop the rumor mill:

  • HORNDOG was never a webcomic. It has only ever been in print.
  • I never self published HORNDOG. Its current publisher is Oriental Studios and its former publisher was Horndog aka Mystic Studios Productions which folded because my investors embezzled money from me.
  • HORNDOG isn't ending nor did it ever end. I have consistently put out comics in print since 2003. Only now another artist is drawing it. That's not the same as the comic ending.
  • I changed my name to McSpadden briefly because I thought it might help sales with the Russian conflict. It didn't.
  • I actually like the new cover design better.
  • The first Oriental logo was done by me and Robbie Allen created the new logo which will soon appear on merchandising.
  • I'm going to launch an Oriental Studios site soon with new publications, new artists, more to come.
  • You can buy Horndog comics here!


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