Roseanne Barr is a product of the racist left

Yesterday, Roseanne Barr tweeted a racist joke comparing a black woman to an ape. Immediately, her popular show was cancelled by ABC. Her critics are right to condemn her tweet as being despicable.

Now here's the problem with the responses to her racist remark: the media, which is predominately left-wing, is referring to her as a conservative when she's not. The left is so quick to proclaim anyone with any bigoted views as being on the right, they ignore evidence of them being on the left.

People keep alluding to her and her character's support of Trump as evidence that she's a conservative. Yet by all evidence, Trump is a leftist president. Trump's policies, including tariffs and fucking tax increases, align with the left, not the right. As for Roseanne, her politics are clearly of the left, though it's often hard to see that since she's insane and has Kanye-levels of foot-in-the-mouth disease.

I think it's good, however, that the media is identifying how awful her past claim of Israel being a "Nazi state" is. Although she did a 180 and came around to supporting Israel, her past statement was bigoted, and it's not often that the media recognizes that the criticisms toward Israel are rooted in bigotry when the majority of the media tends to have their head up Islam's ass, printing false allegations about Israel, ignoring the tyranny of Islam and the dictatorship of Palestine. So while it's too late for the media to condemn Barr's past Israel comment now, it does at least show a turning point in its treatment of Israel, even if the media does still display a typically left bias otherwise.

It takes a serious amount of denial to ignore how blatantly racist the left is. Che Guevara, Hot Topic's favorite Marxist revolutionary, made similar comments about blacks. Racism and leftism go hand in hand. It's a fact. Even though the left panders to POC, they still marginalize ethnic minorities. More collectivism will not end the ills of a collectivist ideology as racism.

I do get how the cancellation is problematic in of itself. While a free market would allow for decisions like this by private businesses like ABC, typically you cancel if advertisers don't like this type of speech, and I understand the argument being made by some libertarians which is that this has the potential to turn into a kind of dangerous Orwellianism of thought crimes, punishment for wrongthink. I get that argument. But speaking as someone who had a Twitter account banned for defending the second amendment, it was ABC's call, though I still have an issue with it, being that instead of cancelling a top-rated sitcom, they should've just fired Roseanne.

I liked Jimmy Kimmel's suggestion of keeping the show but firing Roseanne. Retool it as "Dan", and make John Goodman's character the voice of the Trump-supporting middle American working class. While Barr herself should be condemned for her many insane, nonsensical statements over the years, I thought the show itself was good. Firing Roseanne would make everyone happy. I don't think the cancellation achieves nearly as much of an effect. It's kind of hollow.

But the right needs to more actively condemn racism. I'm continuously annoyed by those identifying as conservatives now showing how they're willing to let Trump shift them far left by defending racism. Like the "conservative" sites who smeared Leslie Jones when she was being subjected to racist abuse on Twitter.

It's reflective of the problem the right has in seemingly not recognizing racism when they not only defended the far-left alt-right trolls' remarks towards Leslie Jones, but when "conservative" sites appear obtuse by defending Roseanne's calling a black woman an ape. You seriously don't know why it's not OK to call a black person an ape? Really? Maybe Google that shit. Google "why is it racist to call a black person an ape?" Seriously, it's fucked up that it's apparently not common knowledge that the history of equating black people with apes is racist in origin.

Here, it's especially fucked since Roseanne herself has told her followers not to defend her. But the defense offered rests on the left equating Trump and George W. Bush with apes. The problem with this argument is that even if you see the equation as offensive, it's not racist to call Trump or Bush an ape or monkey because ape, monkey and orangutan are not racial slurs toward white people. They have, however, been historically used as offensive slurs towards blacks. WHY SHOULD I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS SHIT???

Moreover, why should even a Trump supporter defend Roseanne Barr when not only does she not want anyone to defend her offensive tweet, but she is a self-described feminist, environmentalist, leftist, represents so much of what the right hates, and her anti-science leanings are not the typical anti-science of the right (i.e. stem cell research) but left-specific anti-science views, like anti-GMO and anti-vax conspiracy theories? Her racism is a product of her leftism. The right should acknowledge this and use it against the left.

The left is racist. But the right's failure to speak out against racism is a major issue that needs to be acknowledged. Horndog comics have long taken a stand against racism. I believe in the individual, and the first step towards an individualist society is the condemnation of racism, the lowest form of collectivism.


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