I don't want Zack Snyder to be the "Fountainhead" director

Well, it's official: Zack Snyder's next movie is an adaptation of Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead. Here's why this is a bad idea:

The book is a classic, one of the greatest works of fiction written in any language, but especially of the English language. It requires a director of great skill who understands the material. My vote of confidence goes to Jon Favreau, a self-described fan of the book, whose Iron Man films were very Objectivist.

Snyder I've never liked as a director, from the awful remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD to the unethical amoral WATCHMEN, based on a comic book by Alan Moore, who once called Objectivism a "white supremacist" ideology.

It's potentially juicy to make Alan Moore angry by having the director of a film of his work that he publicly opposed further diss him by adapting a Rand novel when Moore has shown nothing but contempt for Rand and Objectivism, but the irony and trolling Moore doesn't justify Snyder's involvement, when Snyder has shown an inability to portray heroes, only anti-heroes. That disqualifies him from making the best FOUNTAINHEAD film, in addition to the malevolence of Snyder's cinematic universe.

This problem far outweighs the benefit of the large publicity Rand and THE FOINTAINHEAD are now getting when it has the potential to be very bad publicity, especially if the film is as bad as Snyder's past work (SUCKER PUNCH, anyone?) -- the ATLAS SHRUGGED films did not do the novel (the best ever written) justice and their mediocrity and the producer's incompetence brought bad publicity.

THE FOUNTAINHEAD already had a slapshot film in 1949. A remake should be great enough to be in the top 10 on IMDb's Top 250. I do not believe Snyder has a film of this quality in him, in addition to his problem with his inability to portray heroism.

My biggest fear is this: Snyder's take on the Roark/Dominique sex scene. Misunderstanding of language distorted the scene in critical reviews. It was never a rape. A great director and an Objectivist could get the scene perfectly. I worry Snyder would turn it into a sadomasochistic, violent rape porn.

But I'm too ill to step in to replace Snyder, so I can't stop Rand's estate from making a mistake. I hope that it won't be bad, but I don't have high hopes for this movie.


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