Arizona: Are you f***ing kidding me?

Arizona Republicans are moving to thwart education, to place creationism on the school curriculum is and gut evolution education.

I don't know why evolution is up for debate now. Especially when the alternate theory is "Invisible sky daddy made humans out of clay". How is that science, or a better explanation than evolution? Evolution is clear, concise and fact-based. We looked at the bones and anatomical structure of humans, Neanderthals and apes, and figured it out:

Apes > Neanderthals > Humans.

It's not complicated. At all. It's the simplest scientific fact in the history of science. Climate science is convoluted as fuck, but evolution is so simple to understand.

I shouldn't have to write this to explain that creationism didn't happen.

The clearest possible explanation I can give for why creationism is wrong is this:

Would an all-powerful, all-knowing god create Mike Pence?

Gimme a break. Seriously.

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  1. Don't disagree on the message, just wanted to correct the neanderthals--> humans part...our species co-existed for a time, and we're sibling species, we did not descend from them.


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