ComicBooks reddit considers atheism hate speech

Mohammad drawing
by Bosch Fawstin.
I was recently suspended from the subreddit r/comicbooks. When asked for an explanation, an administrator lied and claimed that I had committed "hate speech" for posting this link to atheist cartoonist Bosch Fawstin, a former Muslim, talking about how he was banned from Twitter because some thin-skinned fan of Marvel's Ms. Marvel comic book reported him for criticizing the comic,  and more specifically the assertion that the character could have her own movie despite sales being piss-poor:

Twitter, run by leftists, has become an Islamic company, for all intents and purposes. I was just suspended by Twitter for criticizing Marvel’s Muslim superhero comic book, Ms. Marvel. Marvel Comics publishing a pro-islam comic book that completely avoids the reality of jihad is like them publishing a German superhero comic book during World War Two, without mentioning the war going on.

Despite his criticisms being reasonable, this got Fawstin suspended from Twitter.

The problem with Ms. Marvel isn't the fact that the character is a Muslim. The problem is that the comic ignores the only reason why Islam is being discussed today: widespread Islamic terrorism is on the rise. The logic behind this vastly unpopular character is kind of like running a German superhero during World War II without ever mentioning the Nazis.

Also, the logic behind accusing someone critical of a violent, racist, misogynistic religion of "hate speech" for posting a link criticizing a comic book is laughable, not only because the link, as noted above, contains no hate speech, but, also, fucking seriously, you have two atheists talking about this subject. Atheists. Do you think atheists go out of their way to prey on innocent Muslims when they are criticizing, not individuals, but a hateful, violent, racist and misogynist religion? Am I participating in "hate speech" by criticizing Catholicism, which is responsible for numerous acts of terrorism and covering up the rapes of children by its priests? Is it "hate speech" when I point out how Scientology covers up rapes committed by its members?

The hate speech rap is a lie. It's nothing more than far-left bigots being far-left bigots, or possibly I was reported by one of the dimwitted fans of a poor-selling comic that only continues to be published, even as Marvel cancels its other poorly conceived "diversity" titles, and even some genuinely good comics, that far outsold Ms. Marvel, because someone high up in Marvel is using this title as a form of agitprop for Islam.

If you think linking to Fawstin's blog constitutes "hate speech", do us all a favor and don't read atheist author Richard Dawkins, or listen to the lyrics by atheist rapper Greydon Square. They also criticize Islam. Greydon Square got death threats from Muslims for pointing out that Mohammad, the Islamic prophet, married children:

Religious freedom is an oxymoron 
None of them books scare me, not the Bible not the Qur'an
This is to Islam, and its fundamentalism: 
The day you release your women, I'll quit releasing venom 
Until then, no amount of scientific contributions 
Could ever excuse your hateful chauvinistic institution 
But, here's the real reason I'm not a Muslim:
See your anointed prophet used to fuck em 
Listen, Mohammed was taking children as wives 
One he married at six and consummated at nine 
He was somewhere in his 50's trying to get in them drawers 
She wasn't even 10 yet, still playing with dolls 
So they try to give me that, "oh the times were different" 
Rationalizing atrocities now you sound like Christians  
I charge the views on women as sickening 
Either update the culture or just fade into history

Sorry, is that fucking hate speech now? Are facts fucking hate speech?

We are living in a society of pussies. Facts are offensive now. We've done little to stop threats from Islam, Russia or the neo-Nazi "alt-right". The American government has allowed these threats to roll over them, just look at how the alt-right and Russia manipulated the 2016 elected a jackass reality show star based on misinformation from a group that raged at their keyboards because the Ghostbusters had vaginas! (I make no apologies for supporting Gary Johnson, incidentally. He was literally the only choice in the 2016 election. It would have compromised my integrity to vote for Clinton.)

Such is also the case with anyone who constitutes criticism of hate groups with "hate speech". If atheists scare you, you're a coward. If the truth about the hateful religions you protect in the name of liberalism is "hate speech", the problem is not what is being said (which is clearly not hate speech), the problem is you.

Also, can we stop using the phrase "Islamophobia"? It doesn't exist. The word is simply used to silence legitimate criticisms of Islam. I don't support any actual bigotry towards Arabs and I can 100% guarantee those living in Islamic states are not fearing "Islamophobia" when they try to leave Islam or differentiate from pure Islamic doctrine to adopt more Western values; what they fear, in reality, is Jihadists.

By the way, I'm leaving a link to purchase my comic from Amazon here since the links are not showing up on individual posts for some reason, only on the home page. I have no idea why.


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