I'm the *original* Horndog

I've moved forward in getting Horndog back in print. I'm establishing a new company called Oriental Studios, which will publish the rebooted Horndog #1, drawn by Robbie Allen in May. And here is the logo for the new company:

First issue will be a continuation of the story picking off from where the comic left ofc in 2014. Then I want to do some sort of prequel series retelling the story arcs from 2003 to 2014 and eventually put together a trade paperback featuring the story in chronological order. I'm trying to get Dark Horse, Image, etc. interested in distribution. I've contacted the Oregon-based publishers first, then I'll go after the others. I think the craziest outcome would be if Marvel ended up publishing Horndog. The home of the legendary Howard the Duck. That'd be crazy, yo.

Also, if you've noticed, I've changed my last name to McSpadden professionally because, A): In this modern political climate, it may be less professionally risky to have a name emphasizing my mother's Scots-Irish and African-American ancestry instead of my father's Russian-American ancestry (because of Russia's manipulation of the 2016 election), and B): Russia's  continued treasonous activity, seeking to engage war against the US. Bottom line, fuck Russia.

But this isn't merely an announcement or some PR bullshit right here. I wanted to share something very interestingly odd I came across. There's this comics artist named Ted Washington who gave an interview in January 2017 talking about how he was going to launch a new comic. Guess what his comic is called?
Ted Washington: I have been drawing a comic series. Horn Dog is a non-digital comic. Hand-drawn to size and photocopied, folded, and stapled zine style. It’s not available online, and can only be purchased from me when you see me or at various comic conventions such as San Diego Comic-Con, where Puna Press hosts a table."
Huh. You know, this might just be me but if I was going to publish a comic, I'd check around to see if the name wasn't already taken.  Like when I was going to call my comic Bob the Dog and didn't because there was already a well famous British children's cartoon of the same name and I wanted to make a cartoon series featuring my own Bob the Dog so, for legal reasons, and besides that, not wanting to risk artistic conflict, I first published my comic as Horndog in 2003. So...interesting. Potentially litigious but interesting. It'd be like me saying, "I hope y'all enjoy my next comic:  Blac Pantha. I'ma follow that with Bat Man."

Ironically I defended Roger Corman naming Charles Swenson's movie Dirty Duck with Flo & Eddie when Bobby London already had a comic called Dirty Duck, partly because the movie was originally called Cheap, then changed to Down and Dirty Duck. So, for real, I get why Bobby was mad at Swenson and Corman. It's frustrating creating something, then seeing someone else create something new and using the same name as your something. Oh well. Maybe the other Horn Dog is good. I liked the Flo & Eddie Duck cartoon.


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