Monday, September 8, 2014

Paperbax: A Claw Full of Blood PRE-ORDER

An American Giallo, with werewolves. Hardboiled private detective Nicky gets gunned down by a gangster and his sons and is left for dead - only to be saved when he is turned into a werewolf. Things get hairy when Nicky seeks bloody revenge on those that wanted him dead.

A Claw Full Of Blood is the third book in Isaac Baranoff's "Spaghetti Trilogy", which began with A Boot Full of Blood and A Fistful of Molotov!

PLEASE NOTE: This item is a pre-order. It is scheduled for release on September 8, 2014. Any orders placed with this item will be delayed until this item is ready to ship.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Blog: "The Wellkeeper" #1 Review

There’s been some whisperings of whether I’d produce any more episodes of my web video series, “Comix from the Underground”, in which I played a sarcastic comic book reviewer called the Comix Scrutinizer, and, let me state for the record, the answer is, “I don’t know.” It’s not that I don’t want to. Quite the opposite, in fact, I do. But I don’t have the proper editing and filming facilities at the moment, and my time is currently wrapped up with trying to write a werewolf detective novel called “A Claw Full Of Blood”,  due to the fact that I cannot draw any comics of my own at the moment, due to the fact that I no longer have a scanner, which makes it impossible for me to upload any new content either for web viewing or for publication purposes, so, at the moment, I’m sticking to publishing other people’s comics and writing hardboiled pulp fiction novels, rather than trying to draw anything.

But since there seems to be a legitimate interest in seeing more comic book reviews from me, despite the fact that the Comix Scrutinizer videos were never real reviews but satires of comic book reviewers, I’ve decided to start posting some out of character reviews in which I highlight any comic books I’ve read recently, which will both highlight hidden gems in independent comic books, and even mainstream comics I’ve enjoyed. The difference between these upcoming reviews, such as the one you are about to read is that I’m not going to mock the comics, and these are going to be my own opinions, instead of sarcasm. Hopefully, if you hadn’t understood before, these reviews should show the difference between what I think, and what the Comix Scrutinizer, as a character thinks.

The debut issue of Derrick Fish’s “The Wellkeeper” is well designed and drawn, in a style that keeps a fine line between its playful elements and the grand adventure story it presents. Fish draws you in from the introduction of its heroine, Zoe, as she is being chased a fiery, demonic-looking dog, and soon finds herself caught between two different forms of danger – the dog who is pushing its way through the fence, and the oncoming train. Arriving in a new town, she develops a friend in pizza delivery boy Sebastian, and Fish leaves you on a cliffhanger to eagerly await the next chapter of the story.

The black and white artwork is highly detailed, with fine shading, drawing from both comic book and animated film influences (the raccoon), with the little things making Fish’s characters stand out even more, such as the intentional decision to draw 14-year-old Zoe plus-sized and wearing glasses, a contrast from most other heroines, young or old.

Whether its potential plot elements, like Zoe’s earring, which is too large for her head, meaning that it was intended for someone much older, or little nods like Sebastian’s family having a copy of the Chuck Jones biography “Chuck Amuck”, as a tribute to one of Fish’s influences, it is these details that enhance the sweeping story, which is definitely in the vein of classical comic book storytelling, but with much originality exclusive to Fish’s sensibility, making this one well worth a look.

I know this is probably not what you expected me to be reading or reviewing, considering the fact that most of what I usually review is of an adult nature, and “The Wellkeeper” is family friendly (that’s not a bad thing), with nothing violent, obscene or profane, unlike what I’ve reviewed on my web series, or quite frankly, what I publish (including my own comics and novels), but I’d definitely recommend checking out “The Wellkeeper” – this was a nice change of pace for me and I think you’d feel the same.  It’s set in New Jersey, and if you like the story-based form of comics like Jeff Smith’s “Bone”, this is worth looking into.

Blog: Dickhead Studios

"Sorry, Horndog has too much intelligence
and originality for my tastes. Do you have
a bootleg version of the comic that I can
easily digest because I am an utter moron?"
I think I have a pretty good business model: If I want to work with you and you agree, then we agree to it. If you don’t want to work with me, no skin off my back, please get out of my way. I find it baffling, then, when some people insist that consent is not required for a business transaction. Really? Because I’m pretty sure that I can’t run out and photocopy an issue of “Batman” and sell it without first paying varying degrees of money to the estate of that comic’s creator (only because Bob Kane is not alive, otherwise the money would go directly to him), to the company which publishes “Batman”, to the artist that drew the issue, and to the writer that wrote the issue. Thereby, why is my consent not taken into account when collaboration is demanded of me?

My consent, for some reason, is not required for an artist to have his work published by the company that I own. A putz with nothing to write about goes on Twitter and says, erroneously, that I’d refused to publish him “because of [his] political views”. I’d never offered to publish that guy’s work and I don’t know what his political views are, so I don’t know why, then, it is claimed that I’d refused him publication, when nothing was submitted for my judgment? The actual exchange, in reality, consisted of me telling this putz that he was an asshole. I’m pretty sure that if you haven’t submitted anything to me, I can’t have offered to work with you, and with no offer put on the table, there was no refusal of publication, and being an asshole is not a political view. Everyone has an asshole, and anyone can be an asshole, and if you are convinced that you do not have an asshole, because your religion tells you otherwise, don’t fool yourself, because demanding that I publish your work, and then condemning me when I don’t cooperate with your demands, as if my choice is not required, sounds an awful lot like Communism to me.

Similarly, my participation is not required for the creation of a comic, even, because there’s this guy  who has a profoundly awful, unfunny webcomic whose main characters are expys of my own creations, Bob the Dog and Charlene Kat,  from the comic ‘Horndog’ except he changed the species and ethnic backgrounds of the two characters so that these animals are no longer a dog and a cat but…uh…vaguely indiscernible animal-things, one of which might be some kind of rat. And the male one works in a porno store. Oh, gee, thanks, if all you got out of my comic was ‘sex-obsessed main character’, then you haven’t paid too close attention. One of the ideas I was trying to analyze in ‘Horndog’ was ‘Do open relationships work?’ And another was how to exchange a value (in this instance, love), without infringing upon another person’s rights, and the basic idea being that the best exchanges involve mutual consent of the two people involved. With this as the theme of ‘Horndog’, it’s EXTREMELY FUCKING IRONIC that someone decided that MY CONSENT IS NOT REQUIRED TO USE MY CHARACTERS.
If your characters look like Sonichu and
Rocko's Modern Life had a baby and peed
on it, and you can't write characters,
just steal their personalities from
Isaac Baranoff's "Horndog"!
The very definition of plagiarism is taking a creation that does not belong to you, changing it slightly, and then passing it off as your own work. I created ‘Horndog’ in 2003 and it ran in underground publications before a web edition started appearing in 2009. The very next year, the plagiarized comic, which is so bad that I refuse to advertise it, and will instead refer to it as “Mangy, Pugly, Fake and Ferocious”, appeared, with the author operating under a pseudonym which I will also not promote, so I’ll simply refer to him as ‘The Teabilly’. The Teabilly decided to make sure that he got my attention by creating numerous fake accounts on an art website which I irregularly promote my work on, because he somehow thinks it makes himself feel better to have 2,000 fake accounts backing up his work, with the only friend of his being a complete racist who attempted to provoke me with racial slurs.

I blocked the Teabilly and his racist friend, but I’ve found it difficult to escape this psychopath, because the stupid motherfucker continues to follow me around with alternate accounts, begging me to ‘add’ the ‘NOT TEABILLY’ account to my watch list, just so he can annoy me with “fan art” of the characters he stole from me. And these fake accounts have fake alternate accounts for the imaginary peoples’ pornographic drawings (presumably done for the Teabilly’s own amusement, since no one with half a brain would pay any money for this idiot’s drawings, porn or not), whose REAL PURPOSE FOR EXISTENCE, is, after I’ve told this motherfucker to go fuck himself and stop trying to get me to ‘add’ his sockpuppets, to leave comments like this:
That's right, nobody gives a fuck about "Horndog". Which is
why you plagiarized its main characters, because you don't
care about the comic you very clearly ripped off.
You're fucking retarded.
Really, asshole? "Hiding behind an account block"? I blocked you because you were harassing me by begging me to watch your sockpuppet accounts. I blocked your master account because you plagiarized my work. I blocked your podcast account because you were harassing me even more. I blocked your sockpuppet accounts because they serve no purpose other than to create a fake fanbase for your crappy comics. I blocked the pornographic alternate accounts for your sockpuppets because they serve no purpose other than to harass me and hold your wank material, which no one wants to see. And you're accusing me of "hiding"? I make my views of you very public. It is you who is the coward, you fucking mongoloid.

This mongoloid really doesn’t get that COOPERATION REQUIRES CONSENT. If you cannot create your own characters, don’t steal other people’s work. In order for you to collaborate with me, I have to agree to collaborate with you. If someone wants to draw comics using my ideas, they have to, first, pay me, and I have to agree to the collaboration. This is called ‘voluntary exchange’ – value exchanged for value. If you have nothing of value to offer to me, and I don’t want to work with you, or I have no idea that you even exist, what you don’t do is attempt to get my attention by plagiarizing my work, following me around like a lost, retarded puppy in an aimless stupor and then publicly attack me because of something that YOU DID, and then when I block you, to come at me with another account to scream at me some more and calling my actions ‘block evasion’ because I won’t consent to be abused by a mooching plagiarist who cannot create anything of their own, so they steal the characters of others. FUCK YOU AND THE HORSE YOU RODE IN ON! Here is this person’s Twitter account. Look at the number of followers:
A total of 310 followers, which means that Twitter
wouldn't allow him to create more
than 309 Twitter sockpuppets.
Now here is my personal Facebook account. Look at the number of “friends”:
What's this? ACTUAL FOLLOWERS? You're right,
NO ONE CARES ABOUT HORNDOG! Which is why over a
thousand people are following me on Facebook, because
And here is my political Facebook account. Pay close attention to the number of “likes”:
What's this? MORE ACTUAL FOLLOWERS? That's right,
Even the average person can see that I am doing better than this schmuck. If you want to claim popularity with a straight face, try not starting thousands of accounts to boost your non-existent popularity, to declare yourself to be more popular than someone like me, with AN ACTUAL FOLLOWING. What is this plagiarist trying to prove – and to whom? I don’t care about popularity. My activity is not motivated by beating others, only by personal satisfaction. Is this guy trying to prove something to himself? Well, sorry, but inventing your own reality and trying to manufacture success where none exists is not actually having success, and plagiarism is not only not creation, but it is not a collaboration, which requires consent. Hell, I don’t really mind rip-offs if they’re done well and the creator isn’t a complete douchebag. A lot of the ‘70s exploitation movies I watch are rip-offs, some of them better than the things they ripped off.

However, this person who plagiarized my comics is not only harassing me by following me around with his alternate accounts, begging me for unearned love, and then, when I realize that it’s him and refuse to give him the love that he has not earned, he does things like draw insulting renditions of my characters, the most recent of which is a drawing of the character of Bob with a pair of erect penises as ears and the caption ‘Dickhead Studios’. And no, I can’t show it to you, because I earn Adsense revenue on this site and I don’t want to lose it, because I like making money. But if you were a person who plagiarized my comic strip ‘Horndog’, then followed me around begging me for my admiration to you, which is a value that has to be earned, not demanded, and then attack and abuse me when I do not voluntarily consent to appraise someone whose work consists of plagiarizing my own, which was entirely based on my own ideas and no one else’s, if you steal my ideas, and then harass me in this manner, it is you who is the dickhead, and not me.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Comics: Ganjaman #5

To boldly smoke the seeds which no man has toked before, Ganjaman is back in a BRAND NEW ISSUE of Weed Wonder Tales, and the laughs have never been higher. Features "Star Tart" and "Rasta Kat", you won't want to miss what the stoned avenger is up to in this new issue!

Also available to purchase as a digital download here, in our Digital Comix Store!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog: Up to date with Horndog Paperbax? Here's your summer reading list!

Horndog Studios may have an impressive line of pulp paperbax, but where should you start in your expedition to engulf yourself in the modern day leader in pulp fiction?

Fans of our comix line should head straight to the Horndog Graphic Novel, which is 192 pages long and tells the story of Bob the Dog's quest to gain maturity, beset by distractions like smoking marijuana, sex with diverse women, a psychotic stalker and accidentally impregnating his girlfriend. The graphic novel melds photographic backgrounds, cartoonish character designs, satirical storytelling, underground humor and heart, like a mix of Gilbert Shelton, Frank Zappa, Cheech & Chong, Ralph Bakshi, Insane Clown Posse, Kevin Smith and Judd Apatow!

In the prose form, Isaac Baranoff creates a revisionist war fantasy in the vein of Italian grindhouse Western films and Blaxploitation, A Fistful of Molotov, telling the story of a lone American modeled after Spaghetti Western protagonists like Clint Eastwood's "Man With No Name" from the Sergio Leone classics A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Baranoff crafts a Tarantino-esque fantasy in the style of Inglourious Basterds, pitting individualists against Joseph Stalin, who replaces Spaghetti Western villains like land barons and brutal criminal gang leaders, and Communist Party secret police, who behave like Spaghetti Western bandits. Soviet Russia sets the stage for a Mexican stand-off between the American and the Soviet secret police, and an escaped prisoner plots revenge against the man who murdered her friend. The novel is a clever commentary on Communist antisemitism, and the struggle of an individualist in a collectivist society.

A Boot Full of Blood, perhaps the first pure Spaghetti Western grindhouse novel, is like a cross between Kill Bill and True Blood, with touches of Django Unchained, Innocent Blood, Near Dark and Christopher Moore's "San Francisco Vampire Trilogy". Jodi Washington, the free daughter of freed slaves, moves to the West and marries Ringo, a white Southern land owner who fought for the North as a spy. But some of the Confederates he imprisoned during the War are seeking revenge against Ringo, and have formed a posse known as the Gatling Gang to rob and kill their way through the country to get revenge against Ringo, murdering him and his daughter and leaving Jodi for dead. A vampire named Max turns Jodi into a member of the undead, and she plans to murder every member of the Gatling Gang to avenge herself and her family. The novel uses the popular genre form of the Western, combined with supernatural fiction to tell a parable about the futility of revenge, and effectively serves as a social commentary dealing with anti-war and anti-racism themes.

All of these and more are available on the paperback section of the site, and can be purchased via our PayPal checkout system, which accepts all major credit and debit cards. These titles are also available wherever pulp novels are sold.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Paperbax: Horndog Graphic Novel

In a world where the evolutionary process did not occur with apes, a group of "Funny Aminals" discover their destinies lie as Horndogs.

Bob the Dog meets Charlene Kat. The only problem is, he can't stop himself from sleeping with other women.  Will their relationship prevail against hazards such as an obsessed stalker, a psychotic ex-girlfriend and an unexpected pregnancy?

HORNDOG is a new graphic novel from Isaac M. Baranoff, the author of A BOOT FULL OF BLOOD and A FISTFUL OF MOLOTOV. HORNDOG is based on the long-running cult hit underground comic of the same name, published by HORNDOG STUDIOS.

Also available to purchase as a digital download here, in our Digital Comix Store!

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog: Horndog graphic novel, comix and HorndogTV update

Hoopla. A number of major announcements here. Firstly, I have completed the Horndog graphic novel. It is over 180 pages in length, with each page bearing a single panel. I did this because I wanted all of my paperbax to be the same size for aesthetic purposes, and because that size would be too small for the detail of the expressions and details of my comix to be seen clearly, from the little quirks of my drawings to the photographic backgrounds. The panel-per-page format was necessary to achieve my intended goal with this upcoming novel.

Horndog is a new novel based on the long-running underground comic series. All drawings featured are brand new, though some of the comics you might have read before in other Horndog publications. To simplify things, I have kept the storyline focused on Bob the Dog and Charlene Kat. Some of the novel is out of sequence because it played better that way. I'd originally intended to have the novel's events play out chronologically, but during the editing process, I found that the novel dragged as is. So, I mixed it up a bit.

This new novel will be released shortly through Horndog Studios, CreateSpace, Amazon and other retailers. Meanwhile, has decided to terminate its contract with Horndog Studios, due to the fact that Blip was purchased by Maker Studios, a disgraceful company owned by the underground comix-hating bastards at the Walt Disney Corporation, the scumbags responsible for bullying Marvel into putting pants on Howard the Duck because they thought he looked too much like Donald, putting the Air Pirates out of business because they didn't like their use of free speech/parody/satire, and trying to take Insane Clown Posse's classic album The Great Milenko off the market just to appease a bunch of bigoted Southern Baptists. The motherfuckers at Disney took one look at Horndog Studios' Blip channel, realized that our video content is too UNDERGROUND for their bitch asses and decided to put us out of our asses by demanding that Blip, whose paychecks we actively pay with our ad revenue, schedule our channel for demolition.

Comix from the Underground is one of the most frequently viewed web series on the Internet, and Disney's targeting of the Horndog Studios channel is a sign of bad things to come for anyone who dares to make any content that is different and original. Blip will stop accepting uploads from us in July, and terminate our account in September. This does not mean the end of our innovative and unique web series, for we have moved our original content to Dailymotion, where you can enjoy this great content here.

On a more unfortunate note, I regrettably announce that Horndog Studios' entire catalog is now out of print and the reissue of these back titles has been delayed by the fact that Horndog Studios' warehouse is being moved to a new, undisclosed location and we are not yet prepared to reprint these titles. You can still purchase our paperbax, though, including A Fistful of Molotov and A Boot Full Of Blood, right here on this site, and wherever pulp novels are sold. We will also be releasing a new issue of Ganjaman in August. Look for it then.

That's all for now. Tune in again, same Horndog time, same Horndog channel. With a paw in the air and a middle finger to the mainstream, I'm out this bitch.