Friday, August 15, 2014

Comics: Ganjaman #5

To boldly smoke the seeds which no man has toked before, Ganjaman is back in a BRAND NEW ISSUE of Weed Wonder Tales, and the laughs have never been higher. Features "Star Tart" and "Rasta Kat", you won't want to miss what the stoned avenger is up to in this new issue!

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blog: Up to date with Horndog Paperbax? Here's your summer reading list!

Horndog Studios may have an impressive line of pulp paperbax, but where should you start in your expedition to engulf yourself in the modern day leader in pulp fiction?

Fans of our comix line should head straight to the Horndog Graphic Novel, which is 192 pages long and tells the story of Bob the Dog's quest to gain maturity, beset by distractions like smoking marijuana, sex with diverse women, a psychotic stalker and accidentally impregnating his girlfriend. The graphic novel melds photographic backgrounds, cartoonish character designs, satirical storytelling, underground humor and heart, like a mix of Gilbert Shelton, Frank Zappa, Cheech & Chong, Ralph Bakshi, Insane Clown Posse, Kevin Smith and Judd Apatow!

In the prose form, Isaac Baranoff creates a revisionist war fantasy in the vein of Italian grindhouse Western films and Blaxploitation, A Fistful of Molotov, telling the story of a lone American modeled after Spaghetti Western protagonists like Clint Eastwood's "Man With No Name" from the Sergio Leone classics A Fistful of Dollars, For A Few Dollars More and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Baranoff crafts a Tarantino-esque fantasy in the style of Inglourious Basterds, pitting individualists against Joseph Stalin, who replaces Spaghetti Western villains like land barons and brutal criminal gang leaders, and Communist Party secret police, who behave like Spaghetti Western bandits. Soviet Russia sets the stage for a Mexican stand-off between the American and the Soviet secret police, and an escaped prisoner plots revenge against the man who murdered her friend. The novel is a clever commentary on Communist antisemitism, and the struggle of an individualist in a collectivist society.

A Boot Full of Blood, perhaps the first pure Spaghetti Western grindhouse novel, is like a cross between Kill Bill and True Blood, with touches of Django Unchained, Innocent Blood, Near Dark and Christopher Moore's "San Francisco Vampire Trilogy". Jodi Washington, the free daughter of freed slaves, moves to the West and marries Ringo, a white Southern land owner who fought for the North as a spy. But some of the Confederates he imprisoned during the War are seeking revenge against Ringo, and have formed a posse known as the Gatling Gang to rob and kill their way through the country to get revenge against Ringo, murdering him and his daughter and leaving Jodi for dead. A vampire named Max turns Jodi into a member of the undead, and she plans to murder every member of the Gatling Gang to avenge herself and her family. The novel uses the popular genre form of the Western, combined with supernatural fiction to tell a parable about the futility of revenge, and effectively serves as a social commentary dealing with anti-war and anti-racism themes.

All of these and more are available on the paperback section of the site, and can be purchased via our PayPal checkout system, which accepts all major credit and debit cards. These titles are also available wherever pulp novels are sold.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Paperbax: Horndog Graphic Novel

In a world where the evolutionary process did not occur with apes, a group of "Funny Aminals" discover their destinies lie as Horndogs.

Bob the Dog meets Charlene Kat. The only problem is, he can't stop himself from sleeping with other women.  Will their relationship prevail against hazards such as an obsessed stalker, a psychotic ex-girlfriend and an unexpected pregnancy?

HORNDOG is a new graphic novel from Isaac M. Baranoff, the author of A BOOT FULL OF BLOOD and A FISTFUL OF MOLOTOV. HORNDOG is based on the long-running cult hit underground comic of the same name, published by HORNDOG STUDIOS.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Blog: Horndog graphic novel, comix and HorndogTV update

Hoopla. A number of major announcements here. Firstly, I have completed the Horndog graphic novel. It is over 180 pages in length, with each page bearing a single panel. I did this because I wanted all of my paperbax to be the same size for aesthetic purposes, and because that size would be too small for the detail of the expressions and details of my comix to be seen clearly, from the little quirks of my drawings to the photographic backgrounds. The panel-per-page format was necessary to achieve my intended goal with this upcoming novel.

Horndog is a new novel based on the long-running underground comic series. All drawings featured are brand new, though some of the comics you might have read before in other Horndog publications. To simplify things, I have kept the storyline focused on Bob the Dog and Charlene Kat. Some of the novel is out of sequence because it played better that way. I'd originally intended to have the novel's events play out chronologically, but during the editing process, I found that the novel dragged as is. So, I mixed it up a bit.

This new novel will be released shortly through Horndog Studios, CreateSpace, Amazon and other retailers. Meanwhile, has decided to terminate its contract with Horndog Studios, due to the fact that Blip was purchased by Maker Studios, a disgraceful company owned by the underground comix-hating bastards at the Walt Disney Corporation, the scumbags responsible for bullying Marvel into putting pants on Howard the Duck because they thought he looked too much like Donald, putting the Air Pirates out of business because they didn't like their use of free speech/parody/satire, and trying to take Insane Clown Posse's classic album The Great Milenko off the market just to appease a bunch of bigoted Southern Baptists. The motherfuckers at Disney took one look at Horndog Studios' Blip channel, realized that our video content is too UNDERGROUND for their bitch asses and decided to put us out of our asses by demanding that Blip, whose paychecks we actively pay with our ad revenue, schedule our channel for demolition.

Comix from the Underground is one of the most frequently viewed web series on the Internet, and Disney's targeting of the Horndog Studios channel is a sign of bad things to come for anyone who dares to make any content that is different and original. Blip will stop accepting uploads from us in July, and terminate our account in September. This does not mean the end of our innovative and unique web series, for we have moved our original content to Dailymotion, where you can enjoy this great content here.

On a more unfortunate note, I regrettably announce that Horndog Studios' entire catalog is now out of print and the reissue of these back titles has been delayed by the fact that Horndog Studios' warehouse is being moved to a new, undisclosed location and we are not yet prepared to reprint these titles. You can still purchase our paperbax, though, including A Fistful of Molotov and A Boot Full Of Blood, right here on this site, and wherever pulp novels are sold. We will also be releasing a new issue of Ganjaman in August. Look for it then.

That's all for now. Tune in again, same Horndog time, same Horndog channel. With a paw in the air and a middle finger to the mainstream, I'm out this bitch.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Paperbax: A Fistful of Molotov

A stranger rides into Stalinist Russia. He is a MAN WITH NO NAME, an African American soldier who lives his life like the heroes of Western movies. When the state attempts to kill a bartender for refusing to pay protection money, the American faces the Soviet Union in a Mexican stand-off.

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